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Citation Guide: APA

A guide for navigating various citation styles in order to create citations for resources cited in research papers.

APA Style Overview

APA Style uses an author-date citation system. Using this style, a brief (author-date) citation in the body of the work directs the reader to a full citation in the reference list. In text citations appear within the body of the paper, directly after the cited information, which leads to the full citation in the reference list that provides further information about the cited resource. This ensures that the work is identifiable and retrievable by other researchers, students, and professors.  


In Text Citations

In text (parenthetical) citations serve to strengthen and support academic writing by acknowledging and crediting other scholars' work. In text citations are used to strengthen academic writing by providing important background information, supporting claims, or providing important data. Use in text citations when referring to, summarizing, or quoting another source. 


Reference List

The reference list serves to gather and organize all of the supporting work used in scholarly writing. The reference list provides a reliable and organized list of information that is used by students, professors, and researchers to locate and reuse scholarly work.

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