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A guide for navigating various citation styles in order to create citations for resources cited in research papers.

Citation Guides

Is it Plagiarism?

The resources below discuss plagiarism and academic dishonesty


What is a citation?

A citation is a piece of information that identifies and directs readers to a specific academic work. Citations follow  academic standards that serve to organize scholarly work and provide credit to scholars for their intellectual work. Citations are used to credit other scholars, locate further resources, and strengthen scholarly work by providing evidence to support academic writing. 

What is a citation style?

Citation styles are guidelines for academic writing that provide the format necessary for creating citations in academic writing. Typically, the citation style needed for your work will be decided by the discipline in which you are writing.

Why Cite Sources?

Of course, accurately citing sources is important for avoiding plagiarism and academic dishonesty, but citing sources serves other purposes as well. 

This includes:

  • Supporting scholarship by acknowledging the work of others
  • Strengthening your work by using credible and reliable information to support your writing
  • Improving research by leading readers directly back to the source of information

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