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Citation Guide: How to cite AUDIO/VISUAL MATERIALS

A guide to create citations for bibliographies and works cited in reference papers.

How to cite ONLINE image or Infographic

Artist's last name, First initial Middle initial. Date. Title [descriptive word]. City (St): Publisher or producer. [accessed date]. URL.


Jameson E. 2015. Daniel's brain [image]. Lafayette (CA): Elizabeth Jameson. [accessed 2019 May 27].

Edwards. L. 2016 Jan 4. Sport science [infographic]. Behance. [accessed 2019 May 27].

How to cite ONLINE video

Title of video [descriptive word, episode number if available]. Title of program. Producer. Date first aired or posted, length. [accessed date]. URL.


How smart are animals? [video]. NOVA scienceNOW. PBS. 2011 Feb 9, 53:06 minutes. [accessed 2012 Mar 25].

Crows: documentary on the Intelligent world of crows [documentary video]. YouTube. Obama Putin. 2014 Jul 29, 52:56 minutes. [access 2019 May 27].