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Citation Guide: How to ABBREVIATE Journal titles for CSE

A guide to create citations for bibliographies and works cited in reference papers.

How to abbreviate Journal Titles

Basic rules for abbreviating journal titles:

  • Abbreviate the "significant " words in a journal title according to ISO 4. (
  • Omit articles, conjunctions, and prepositions
  • Capitalize all abbreviated words.
  • Only abbreviate title proper
    • subtitles are not part of the title proper
    • names of sponsoring organizations are excluded
  • Single word titles and titles in character-based languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are not abbreviated.
    • EX. Science. remains Science.
  • Single-syllable words and words of 5 or fewer letters (in singular form are not usually abbreviated.
    • EX. Blood Cells. remains Blood Cells.
  • Abbreviation is preferred by truncation: at least the 2 final letters of a word are dropped.
    • EX. Geological Survey of Finland Bulletin. becomes Geol Surv Finl Bull.
  • Cognates and variant forms with the same stem in the same, or a related language are represented by the same abbreviation.
    • EX. Entologica Americana. becomes Entolog Am.
    • EX. Entomologist's Gazette. becomes Entomol Gaz.
  • Commonly used words with the same meaning are abbreviated in the same manner across languages.
    • EX. Journal becomes J
    • EX. Zeitscrift becomes Z
  • Words may also be abbreviated by contraction (omission of internal letters).
    • EX. Zeitung becomes Ztg
    • EX. Country becomes Ctry
  • All punctuation within titles is omitted, including apostrophes, ampersands, commas dashes, and hyphens.
  • Hyphenated terms are treated as 2 words if they can stand alone or are collapsed to 1 word if they cannot.
    • EX. Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior. becomes Suicide Life Threat Behav.
    • EX. Journal of Nero-Oncology. becomes J Neurooncol.
  • All diacritical marks are omitted.

Scientific style and format: the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers. c2014. 8th ed. Chicago (IL): University of Chicago Press. p. 643-644.