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English 1010: Home

Your one-stop guide to research and writing in English 1010!

So what's this all for?

You need to write a paper for English 1010. But where do you start? How do you select a topic? Once you have a topic, what then? This guide is intended to help you sort all of that out. It's built by the English librarian with the goal of making it easier for you to do your research...from the beginning exploratory phase all the way to incorporating articles and other sources into your final paper, complete with citations!

Research Process

Ask yourself the following questions before you start.

Task:  What am I trying to accomplish?

Time:  How much time do I have?

Interest:  What do I find personally interesting?

Availability:  What information is available to me?

Information Search Process

ISP Chart

This is a model of how you think and feel as you are doing research as proposed by Carol Collier Kuhlthau (

The main thing to take away from this graphic? The more information you find, the more uncertain you are going to feel. And that's ok! Research should be a bit like an emotional roller coaster. Just brace yourself and remember that it all ends with a feeling of accomplishment.

Helpful videos

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